Événements internationaux


Upcoming events of interest / Evénements à venir :

Finance Digitalisation Forum 2024

22 & 23 April, 2024London‚ United Kingdom

DFCG is a supporting partner of the Finance Digitalisation Forum in London, in April 2024.

Join us at the Finance Digitalisation Forum, a premier event focused on the transformation of finance functions in the digital era. This summit brings together finance leaders, industry experts, and technology innovators to explore the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in leveraging digital technologies for finance excellence. Gain valuable insights into process automation, change management, data analytics, and the future role of finance professionals.Armand Angeli, Vice-President of the International and Digital Transformation Groups of DFCG will chair the event. Expert CFOs such Lucian Moroeanu, from Renault will share their experience.

For further details about the Forum, the speakers and the registration application process, please don't hesitate to reach out to Melini Hadjitheori at melinih@marcusevanscy.com or Armand Angeli at armand.angeli@outlook.fr

Polish Trade Finance Symposium 2024

Trade Finance, Export Finance, Supply Chain Finance & Working Capital
15-16 th May, 2024
Warsaw, Poland 

DFCG and ICFOA are delighted to be institutional partners of MERGE “Polish Trade Finance Symposium 2024” being held on 15th - 16th May at PGR Narodowy in Warsaw, for an active discussion on the latest trends and critical market insights on trade finance, export finance, supply chain finance and working capital.

This event is not your standard industry conference. There will be:
• rapid-fire fintech showcases
• candid corporate discussions
• expert explainer sessions covering essential topics in just 15 minutes
• lively panel debates – with plenty of opinions on offer

CFOs and treasurers from export & import companies and manufacturers of physical goods will benefit from networking with a range of local and international service providers including financial institutions, trade credit insurers, law firms, brokers, consultants, fintechs and other companies who are involved in the movement of international trade. This gathering offers you opportunity for not just networking but also collaboration with industry peers, potential clients and strategic partners.

Join us to take advantage of hearing from local figureheads on a well rounded outlook on the region’s economic growth, trade concerns, and priorities for the future, including ongoing concerns such as interoperability and developments such as artificial intelligence. Please see more details and the initial event agenda via this link: https://polish-trade-finance.gridaly.com/

Free passes are available for DFCG and ICFOA members. For more information contact queenie@mergevents.com or Armand Angeli.

2nd Annual Generative AI Summit

20th-22nd May, 2024, London

DFCCG will be an institutional partner of the 2nd Annual Generative AI Summit London, a pivotal gathering for those steering the Generative AI revolution in modern enterprises. This conference is the strategic, practical hub for leaders in AI, Data, Technology, and Innovation sectors, focusing on the transition from initial AI trials to robust, enterprise-wide applications that deliver real value.

Conference Highlights: The 2nd Annual Generative AI Summit will focus on practical applications and strategic discussions for leveraging Generative AI, the most disruptive tool since the Internet, for commercial, operational, and competitive success.

Upskilling for AI Mastery: Tailored sessions on developing an AI-savvy workforce, ensuring your team is equipped to harness the full potential of generative AI.

Navigating AI Risks: Expert-led discussions on identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring a smooth and secure transition in AI adoption.

Cost-Effective AI Strategies: Insights into optimizing investment and resource allocation for maximum efficiency in AI projects.

Realizing AI Value: In-depth case studies and panels focusing on tracking and enhancing the ROI from generative AI investments.

Ethical AI Frameworks: Emphasis on establishing responsible AI practices, ensuring ethical considerations are at the core of your AI initiatives.

Optimizing Infrastructure: Ensuring your organization's technological backbone is prepared for seamless integration and performance.

Industry Disruption: With discussions successfully navigating business model shifts, learn how to capitalize on the transformative potential of AI, gaining a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape.

Cutting-Edge Use Cases: Delve into a diverse array of real-world practical applications through raw use cases showcasing how generative AI is revolutionizing industries, and any challenges faced along the way.

Armand Angeli, Vice-President of the Digital Transformation and International Groups of DFCG, the French CFO network will a speaker and a track chair. To join https://shorturl.at/aeiBZ. For more information contact Armand.

Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation 2024

Frankfurt, June 3 to 5, 2024

DFCG and ICFOA are Institutional Partners of « Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation 2024 ». Armand Angeli, Vice-President International and Digital Transformation Groups will chair the event. David Wray, Board Member and Lead ESG Working Group ICFOA will be a keynote speaker

In the heart of Frankfurt, from June 3 to 5, 2024, the Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation 2024 conference takes place and #IAAI2024 promises a voyage into the future of enterprise autonomy. This transcendent event is set to unite Europe's foremost leaders in AI and Automation to explore the uncharted territories of revolutionary innovations such as Generative AI, where the lines between innovation and reality blur. Picture a future where machines don't merely follow commands but actively contribute to the creative process — an era defined by the limitless possibilities of collaboration between human intellect and algorithmic prowess. Join us in this inspiring and dynamic gathering, where visionary insights and cutting-edge technology meet to shape a future limited only by the boundaries of imagination. Secure your place now and become a pioneer in this transformative journey, where Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence 2024 propels us into an era of unparalleled innovation and discovery. To join and enjoy a 10% discount: https://bit.ly/3uX9AMG. For any question contact Armand Angeli.


20-21 June 2024
Holiday inn, Prague, Czech Republic

DFCG, the French CFO network is an Institutional Partner of the FUTURE OF BPO, SHARED SERVICES & GBS conference in Prague, June 21-22.

A Transcendent Convergence for BPO, Shared Services, and GBS Professionals, Pioneering Unprecedented Evolution in Futuristic Digital Finance, Accounting, HR, and Information Technology. Precision Engineering the Vanguard Blueprint for the Next Epoch in BPO, Shared Services, and GBS amidst the Hyperconnected Futurama. Propelling Beyond the Quantum Horizon of Digital Excellence, Igniting a Symphony of Unbounded Futuristic Innovation, Sustainability and Mastering Strategic Precision – Forging the Invaluable Pathway to a Flourishing, Limitlessly Thriving Digital Future!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and collectively shape the trajectory of your industry. Join us in Prague to be a part of this transformative experience, where BPO, shared services, and GBS organisations converge as enablers of business evolution. Together, we’ll drive greater efficiency, elevate value-added services, and unlock unprecedented potential, propelling businesses towards an era of unprecedented growth and success.

Armand Angeli, Vice-President Digital Transformation and International Groups of DFCG will chair the event. For more information https://fobpossgbs.com/ or contact Amand.


Colloque Paris 2024
Attractivité de la France

9 octobre 2024, Bercy
Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances

La DFCG et l ’ICFOA (International CFO Alliance) sont partenaires de soutien du "Colloque Paris 2024" organisé par les Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France le 9 octobre au Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances. Le thème de cette deuxième édition sera l’attractivité de l’offre française et comment Paris attire les acteurs de la finance, moteurs du développement international ? Quatre tables rondes verront se succéder des personnalités d'exception dont Franck Riester François Villeroy de Galhau François-Louis Michaud Laurent Saint-Martin Jean-Charles Simon Sophie Sidos autour des thématiques :

* La révolution de la finance durable : comment les acteurs financiers redéfinissent le leadership français ?
* 4 ans après le Brexit : attractivité financière de la place parisienne
* Les fintechs françaises dans la compétitivité internationale : les réussites et les défis à surmonter...
* La finance, au service du commerce international de la France

Cette riche journée se terminera par des sessions de networking sectoriel et géographique dont une animée par Armand Angeli pour la DFCG et International CFO Alliance autour de leurs priorités stratégiques que sont l'ESG, la Transformation Digitale et l'International.
Pour tous les détails et s'inscrire https://lnkd.in/eS8iSbhn et contacter Armand Angeli

Shared Services and Outsourcing Woche

Berlin,  19–21 November, 2024

DFCG and ICFOA are institutional partners of SSOW Woche, in Berlin in November with a focus day on GenAI chaired by Armand Angeli.

In Berlin from November 19th to 21st, 2024, the 19th Shared Services & Outsourcing Woche conference unfolds, promising a convergence of minds at the forefront of business transformation. The #SSOWDACH2024 will be an immersive experience delving into the realms of generative AI, redefining the landscape of shared services and outsourcing.
The esteemed lineup of speakers features visionaries from leading organizations such as DFCG, AXA, The Linde Group, Fresenius Kabi, Telekom, Allianz, BAYER, BSH, Sanofi, DHL, Viessmann, STMicroelectronics, Zalando, Hugo Boss, Villeroy & Boch, ING, Siemens Healthiness, Zeiss, Knorr-Bremse, Lufthansa Group Business Services, and many more. These thought leaders will share invaluable insights and strategies poised to shape the future of shared services and outsourcing.
Join us for an inspiring and dynamic gathering where visionary ideas and cutting-edge technology converge to forge a future limited only by the bounds of imagination. Secure your place now and become a pioneer in this transformative journey. The 19th Shared Services & Outsourcing Woche promises to propel us into an era of unparalleled innovation and discovery.

Explore the full agenda and secure your spot on the conference website today: https://bit.ly/3UjC0dP  

Download the complimentary ebook from David Wray, Board Member of ICFOA, on ESG and Sustainability here: https://bit.ly/43TWwVw

For more details contact Armand Angeli

Past events / Evénements passés :


WAICF (World AI Canne Festival)
8 – 10 février, 2024
Cannes, France    

La DFCG et l’ ICFOA (International CFO Alliance) sont des « Supporting Institutions » du World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) du 8 au 10 février.

The World AI Cannes Festival is making its return this winter, featuring an extraordinary gathering of the world's premier AI providers, industry leaders, and visionary start-ups, all dedicated to propelling business and humanity forward like never before! During the course of three days, the iconic Palais des Festival of Cannes will transform into the global epicenter of AI shining a spotlight on the most promising innovations, technologies and use-cases.
This exceptional concentration of the globe’s biggest name and personalities in AI makes WAICF the world’s most influential and inspiring AI event where you need to be if you are looking to experience before anyone else what’s coming next.
The future of artificial intelligence will be in Cannes next February, Will you be there?

La DFCG et l’ICFOA) seront présents à travers un atelier (vendredi 9 février 17h00, https://www.worldaicannes.com/en/demo-sessions?dates%5B%5D=2024-02-09&q= ) et une table ronde (vendredi 13h30 https://www.worldaicannes.com/en/institut-europia-program?dates=2024-02-09 ) pour démontrer l’intérêt de l’intelligence Artificielle pour faire face aux priorités des Direction Financière » Les 2 sessions seront animés par Armand Angeli, Vice-Président des Groupes Transformation Digitale et International de la DFCG. David Wray, Président du Groupe International DFCG, Board Member ICFOA et Lead ESG Working group ICFO sera le principal intervenant. Les autres panelistes de la table ronde seront Raphaël Savalle, Groupe CFO, Weleda et Wouter van Beek, Vice-Président Transformation et Innovation, Air France-KLM.

Pour toute question voir https://www.worldaicannes.com/en ou merci de contacter Armand Angeli.

Future of Finance & CFO Exchange
March 13 - 14, 2024
London, United Kingdom

DFCG is an Institutional Partner of “The Future of Finance and CFO Exchange” in London on March 13 & 14.  The event will empower finance leaders to optimize cash flow, cut costs, and improve forecasting in uncertain times. This exclusive invite-only format facilitates collaboration between Europe's leading CFO's and finance executives from brands such as Deutsche Telecom, Lloyds Banking Group, Capital One, Teva, and many more. The event will delve into end-to-end strategies to strengthen Finance's importance and build trust in the function, ultimately contributing to growth and resilience in the face of economic challenges. Armand Angeli will moderate several panels. Among the speakers Lucian Moroeanu, Head of Digital Finance Software Development Hub, Groupe Renault.

For more information check https://bit.ly/3HxKpkL or contact Armand Angeli.


Big Data & AI Paris 2023

Palais des Congrès, 25 & 26 septembre

La DFCG est un partenaire institutionnel de cet événement. Dans ce cadre les membres de la DFCG bénéficient de -25% sur tous les full pass avec le code promo « BDAIP23-DFCG25 »"Pour plus d’information et vous inscrire : https://bit.ly/3Ohc0wG  ou contacter Armand Angeli

Le groupe Transformation Digitale de la DFCG animera un atelier « L’Intelligence Artificielle au service de la Transformation Financière ».

WAICF (World AI Cannes Festival)

February 9-11, 2023
Cannes, France and Online

The World AI Cannes Festival is returning this winter with an exceptional concentration of the world’s best AI providers, industries leaders, and visionary start-ups committed to accelerate the progress of business and humanity more than ever before! For its second edition, The World AI Cannes Festival, recognized by the international AI scene as the most innovative AI laboratory of innovation, inspiration and experimentation will gather more than 15 000 of the most influential AI leaders of the globe, 300+ visionary speakers, 200+ world-class exhibitors, and 100+ partners. Positioning itself as the #1 AI event of the globe.

For 3 days, the prestigious Palais des Festival of Cannes will become the world capital of AI, where decision-makers and AI innovators meet, where the most promising innovations and technologies get into the spotlight, where those who are currently building the world’s most game-changing AI strategies and use-cases will be on stages.

Offering a truly invaluable learning, networking, and discovery experience to every industry leaders looking for tangible impact on their AI journey!

This exceptional concentration of the globe’s biggest name in AI makes WAICF the world’s most influential and inspiring AI event where you need to be. To register: https://bit.ly/3URR1k1

La DFCG animera un atelier sur « Intelligence Artificielle et Direction Financière » avec David Wray, Président du Groupe International et Armand Angeli, Président du Groupe RPA/IA. Nous pouvons bénéficier de conditions spéciales. Merci de contacter Armand Angeli.


2nd March, 2023, virtual 

At the CFO Executive Dialogue, you’ll join and engage with community of diverse senior finance leaders, who can help you aspire to the top levels of financial leadership and build long term resilience and business agility to overcome any global economic condition. So, what should CFOs and finance leaders prioritise for 2023? In our free, expert-led, online learning sessions you can choose the areas of discussion that best suit your plans for the future.

Whether your focus is on bridging the strategy gap between finance and business? You’ll find it at the CFO Executive Dialogue. If you need dynamic financial planning for a volatile world: Welcome to our community.

David Wray, President DFCG International will host a masterclass: “The coming of age of sustainability disclosure requirements: How to keep your business up to date!

Armand Angeli, Vice-President DFCG International will moderate a panel: “Friend or Foe? Fostering a winning relationship with the CEO and Board

Register using the form here https://the-cfo.io/executive-dialogue/register-1/  to secure your free place to attend on

*The CFO Executive Dialogue is only available to C-level, Finance Directors, SVP, VP, or Heads of Finance from corporate companies with a revenue of (£/€) 10 million or more.

Need more information? Please contact the team at cfodialogue@contentive.com or contact Armand Angeli

Please note complimentary passes are only available for Finance leaders and all bookings are subject to approval by the events team.

SSON – Shared Services & Outsourcing Woche DACH

14.-16. Novembre 2023, Berlin

The entire SSC Community looks back on almost two decades of the SSOWeek while also looking into the future!What challenges do SSCs face today? What are some future topics and how do we recognize and set trends & priorities and determine the direction for further projects?  What new technologies apply to our interfaces and approaches for further development? How do we establish sustainability in the post-pandemic market conditions in our working world? What are the consequences and what is our control over them? At this SSON DACH we will be presenting these and more; we will discuss and answer all of these questions. Be a part of lectures, sessions, workshops, interactive panel discussions and of course several network breaks. Use the German SSC forum for exchanging ideas, networking and to learn from each other in order not only to look into the SSC-Future, but also to be able to shape it actively and exactly how you would best imagine it!

Generative AI Europe

04 - 06 December, 2023
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Welcome to Generative AI Europe 2023, the leading conference dedicated to exploring the transformative potential of Generative AI. Join us to delve into key topics such as Generative AI hallucinations, training data and modeling, risk management, and bias in video and image generation.

Why Attend Generative AI Europe 2023?

  • Understanding Gen AI Hallucinations: Gain valuable insights into the fascinating realm of Generative AI hallucinations. Explore the factors influencing hallucinations, learn techniques to identify and mitigate them, and discover strategies to ensure reliable and high-quality outputs
  • Training Data and Modeling: Explore the critical role of training data and modeling in Generative AI. Discover innovative approaches to curating diverse and representative datasets, optimizing models for improved performance, and harnessing the full potential of Generative AI technology.
  • Risk Management: Learn effective risk management strategies specific to Generative AI. Understand the challenges associated with bias, privacy, and security, and explore techniques to mitigate these risks, ensuring ethical and responsible use of Generative AI.
  • Bias in Video and Image Generation: Address the important issue of bias in video and image generation. Explore approaches to detect and mitigate biases, promote fairness and inclusivity, and ensure that Generative AI-generated content aligns with ethical standards.Discover the best use cases of Generative AI: Across industries such as healthcare, finance, entertainment, sales and marketing, empowering you with practical insights and inspiration for leveraging this technology in your organization.

At Generative AI Europe 2023, you'll engage with industry leaders, researchers, and experts who are at the forefront of Generative AI technology. Gain actionable insights, discover innovative solutions, and network with like-minded professionals in this rapidly evolving field. Join us to navigate the complex landscape of Generative AI and harness its immense potential for your organization's success.

David Wray, President DFCG International Group, will be a speaker on Dec. 5.

For more details and to attend https://bit.ly/46E3y1a or contact Armand Angeli, Vice-President DFCG International Group. Also contact Armand for limited VIP free tickets.



8 Septembre 2022

The Brewery, London

Designed in partnership with CFOs from the some of the most innovative companies, the CFO Innovation Summit is expertly positioned to equip you with the key skills required to drive your business through the year ahead.

Our cross-industry finance leaders will be offering their insights & expertise around some of today’s key issues facing finance executives, including:

🎉 Finance Transformation: people, process, tools & change management

🔥 Leadership: CFO innovation, challenges and #RemoteWorkingLife

🤝 Business Partnering: strategic partnering for commercial success

📈 FP&A Innovation: digitalisation, automation, meaningful data analysis

Comprised of CPD-qualifying learning, networking & development, our key discussion areas are designed to prepare CFOs, VPs and Heads of Finance for the unpredictable world we live in with the tools, know-how, and network to drive sustained growth.

Big Data & IA

26 & 27 Septembre 2022

Paris, Palais des Congrès

Avec son positionnement unique de « facilitateur d’adoption » résolument orienté sur le partage de bonnes pratiques utiles, sans langues de bois et créatrices de valeurs entre pairs, Big Data & AI Paris ne cesse de prendre de l’ampleur auprès des métiers qui portent le big data et l’intelligence artificielle au quotidien.

Les membres de la DFCG, Partenaire Institutionnel, bénéficient d’une réduction de 30% en utilisant le code BDAIP22-DFCG en s’inscrivant ici : https://bit.ly/3spG1Pq

Les groupe GSID / RPA&IA de la DFCG présenteront un retour d’expérience sur un atelier.

Finance 4.0 - Digitalization and Transformation Summit

29th – 30th September, Amsterdam

In Person + Virtual Participation

Digital transformation (DT) in finance is a concept which has now become part of a successful business strategy rather than just technology. Digital transformation has made a positive impact on business operations. It has led to opportunities of faster, cost effective operations, meeting regulatory deadlines, improved employee and customer experience and remaining competitive. Consequently, it has now become a business strategy as opposed to a technology strategy.

Digital Transformation in finance is now a realistic goal due to the widespread availability of business data; teams’ ability to process large sets of data using now-accessible algorithms and analytic methods; and improvements in connectivity tools and platforms, such as sensors and cloud computing.

This year’s Finance 4.0 – Digitalisation and Transformation Summit will give you insight on how to optimize strategy, top industry trends, stats, benchmarks to transform the organization and leverage not only data, but also new technologies, people and processes you need to accelerate your finance transformation journey.

Conferenzia World via this summit will offer a common platform to be a part of inspiring keynote speeches, fireside chats, expert talks, master classes, roundtable and dynamic discussions, all curated and presented by top expert speakers to achieve a competitive edge in your industry!

If you are looking to take charge of your business, then this summit is absolutely for you!

For more details and to register: https://conferenziaworld.com/finance-4-0-digitalization-and-transformation-conference-p0422/