Webinaire DFCG | Human rights : how to address this major topic through the CSRD implementation ?


Vidéo (webinaire, interview, conférence)
mardi 30 janvier 2024

Environmental issues dominate the news, however social topics are rapidly increasing in focus and importance for companies and CFOs! The CSRD standards explicitly require assessments on some social (S) topics, notably Human Rights and many countries are passing legislation that focuses specifically on social issues like modern slavery within supply chains in vulnerable industries, countries and populations.

This topic is a complexe one that requires us to think differently about our stakeholders (investors, suppliers, and partners), due diligence, our supply chains and the practical reality of what is and is not controllable today. We are on a journey – please join us for an insightful and practical discussion on active steps we can all take right now to be more socially responsible as a profession, and as organizations. Why wait for regulation to do the right thing!