ESG needs a digital revolution


3. Vidéo (webinaire, interview, conférence)
mardi 28 décembre 2021

Conférence Financium 2021 | Process et organisation

ESG needs a digital revolution

Background on the issue: Fragmentation and the lack of interoperability are pronounced sustainability digitisation challenges for disclosure, reporting and auditing. The current result is an alphabet soup of digital taxonomies not easily embedded into solutions for multi-taxonomy reporting. Sustainability disclosures call out for an unprecedented digital collaboration!

This raises some interesting questions for discussion:

  • – What will it take to achieve the level of digitization necessary for companies to be able to meet ESG reporting responsibilities?
  • – What can preparers do to help the global sustainability efforts to land in a digital ready state?
  • – What are the current industry best practices in sustainability reporting around the world ?

In this roundtable workshop, we will talk about how digitization and automation, from standard setting through to corporate reporting, are helping to turn plans for ESG into a practical and manageable reality. Attendees can leverage the insights to accelerate their own digital sustainability reporting journey.